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That song on Justified (19)

April 12, 2014 • Music, Television

I was scrolling through the blog stats tonight and noticed two things that caught my attention. One blog search was “is zzzquil sketchy” and the other posed the question about the artist that sang “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive” at the end of the recent season finale of Justified. I’m so worried for Ava because… Read More ›

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ACM hour three recap (16)


My número uno favorite Tim rockin the bow tie. Wait, what the what!?!? TIM AND FAITH BOTH. I’m taking a cautionary knee for my safety, I may faint from love overdose. Faith is the best female voice in any form of music. Mickey Guyton being a close other favorite. Excuse my inner fandom showing. Thanks… Read More ›

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Paslay & Church, tunes by 2 Eric’s (10)


I first discovered Eric Paslay in Nashville last year. Trust me, you know him too, if you’ve listened to country radio in the last two years. And if you have, you deserve a metal of some form for suffering through that mess. Eric co-wrote three of the better songs you hear on the dial –… Read More ›

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Mickey’s Music (14)


 Last year in Nashville, this angel walked onstage and blew the nuts off the Ryman. I ugly cried while she sang and I think my iPad videoed the floor a few times. I only had it a few days and had no idea what I was doing or where to aim. I did get a… Read More ›

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Train Tuesday: February 25th (5)


Two things. Well, three, but I’m too lazy to backspace and correct it. Every day for the last week, my search bar shows fans searching for Bruises. You can find a healthy dose of Bruises performances here at our Great Shine of Train. I DID go looking for a good video of them singing it,… Read More ›

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